UX Designer for year-long Master Thesis at Georgia Tech

Aug 2021 - Present



It is my thesis project for a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. It is sponsored by The Home Depot (THD). In a duration of one year, my teammate and I collaborate closely with mentors from the UX team at THD, and go through a professional R&D process to solve a real-life problem proposed by the sponsor.

Team: Sara Lin (UX Researcher), Yian Zhao (UX Designer)
THD Mentors: Andrea Thompson, Sarah Brooks
GT Advisors: Richard Henneman, Carrie Bruce 


• Collaborated with the researcher to conduct 5 in-store observations, a survey with 43 responses, and 8 interviews with various stakeholders, including paint associates, designers, and customers.

• Synthesized the research data into 14 design requirements through affinity mapping, and presented and validated the insights with the Home Depot sponsors.

• Currently in the Design phase where we are validating the design ideas with users and consolidating the final solutions.

Due to NDA, please contact me for more info.

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